The Canberra Games Society meets at the club rooms of the Canberra Bridge Club at 6 Duff Place Deakin ACT 2600, every Thursday from around 7.00pm till midnight.   The club has the following facilities available on a  first come basis:

  • Tables (To put Games boards on).
  • Comfy chairs to sit on.
  • 6×4 game boards (For those games which need them)
  • Various table covers (Green sheets for war games, Space mats for space games, Sea mats for sea games and Cloud mats (Because we thought they were sea mats when we bought them).)
  • We also have a selection of 6mm, 15mm and 28mm scaled terrain so you do not need to bring your own.





The CGS in conjunction with the CBC’s COFID-19 Safety Plan and Check list, which is based on the ACT Government’s guidelines, have developed conditions for access and use of their facilities.

If you wish to play at our club room in the Canberra Bridge Club building at Deakin you must agree to the following requirements:


  • Renew or register your annual membership. Membership enables you use our facilities any week until April 2021. (See the Membership link for online entry) Non-members must pay $10 per game night but will need to prepay or use the e-payment (Square) facility provided. No cash will be handled at the club.
  • Consider whether you should actually stay at home, eg:

➢ if you have a fever, are unwell, or have recently returned from overseas; or

➢ if you have been in contact, or suspect you have been in contact, in the past two weeks with someone who has COVID-19 or a similar illness, or who has recently returned from overseas.


  • Bring a smart phone with the CBR check in app installed with you to check in. This is now required for tracing purposes.
  • If you do not have the app installed, you will have to be signed in by a committee member.
  • Consider bringing your own hand sanitiser (60% alcohol) to the club
  • Bring your own personal refreshments such as tea, coffee or hot water in a Thermos, and bottled cold water – the kitchens will be closed.


  • Refrain from congregating with other members e.g. in the entrance foyer and elsewhere in the building.
  • Al all times observe a 1.5 metre distance between you and others; face to face players using our table tops will come close to this. Boardgame players will be restricted to four per table.
  • Confirm you are well, and have read the COVID-19 protocols and are prepared to abide by them
  • On entry and before play check in using the CBR app. (Scan the QR code at the entrance (The CGS one, not the Bridge club one.))
  • The Bridge Club is expected to move the small card tables to their main room consequently we will be using the larger trestle and large white square tables. Given the smaller number available please only use a table necessary for your game and store figures etc on chairs or the floor.



  • Embrace the new arrangements with enthusiasm and goodwill
  • Follow all instructions from Committee Members/meeting convenor.
  • Use hand sanitiser if you share dice or other playing aides
  • Do not enter the kitchens
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and as regularly as you wish while at the club
  • Do not turn the bathroom lights off
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Practise good respiratory hygiene, eg, cough/sneeze into your elbow or directly into a tissue, then wash your hands or use hand sanitiser After play



  • Dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided
  • After use sanitise and return tables and chairs to the side walls where they were stacked before the meeting.
  • If you are the meeting Committee Member or meeting convenor, ensure each chair, each table, table top or any surface touched by players is sanitised.
  • Leave the premises immediately.

Annual Membership 2021-22 is now due

Annual General Membership
  • Is $50.00 if you pick the membership card up from the club. (You can enter online first, or at the club.)
  • It is $55.00 if you want us to post it to you.
  • The confirmation email you receive when you enter online, is valid for proof of membership at the Games Capital, until you get your card.
  • Online entry is via the Membership link.
Night Paying Fees
  • FREE for members this year
  • Membership fees are payable online or at the club.
  • Non members get their first night free. Subsequent nights are $10.00 each.
Club Attendance
  • If you are only joining up to get the great 10% discount at The Games Capital, we do not mind. We will always welcome you to pop in one Thursday with whatever it is you have bought, just to say hello, but it is not required.

If you are a member of the Canberra Games Society, you receive a 10% discount* on in store purchases at The Games Capital in Garema place Civic. *The discount does not apply to online items or already discounted stock The Game Capital