Cancon 2022

22nd to 24th January 2022

Set up on 21st January

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Cancon 2022
Emails to traders who attended Cancon 2020 will be going out this weekend. (13-14 March 2021)
Tournament Organisers who would like to run an event at Cancon 2022 are asked to do the following:
  • Read the event submission guide.
  • Fill in the form
Event submission will be open until the 1st of September 2021. After that, a crack team of veteran event submission form reviewers will run through the submissions and pick the events for Cancon 2022.
Cancon 2022 will be a Saturday (22nd) – Sunday (23rd) and Monday (24th January) event. The Holiday is the following Wednesday though.
We will be running it in the hope that everything will be “normal”, but be prepared for some changes to previous events being required. (For example, Face masks and/or hand sanitiser may be requested for general safety purposes.) International travellers may have some restrictions, depending on current government requirements.
Stay tuned.


Trader map

Traders who attended Cancon 2020 have until midnight 30 June to re-book spaces they had.

The below maps are likely to be the ones showing available spaces as of Midnight tonight. (It is possible they will change before then though.)

If you would like to book a space, send an email to and list the slots you would like.

Bookings will be dealt with in the order they arrive (From Midnight 30 June 2021)

Slots are likely to be $135 to $140 each.

Tables in the link are $120.00


Once all space are booked. Traders will be sent booking forms to confirm their requirements (tables etc.)