Cancon 2022

22nd to 24th January 2022

Set up on 21st January

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Cancon 2022

Cancon 2022 will be a Saturday (22nd) – Sunday (23rd) and Monday (24th January) event. The Holiday is the following Wednesday though.
We have been working on our Covid plan
The short version is:
Cancon 2022 is required to be a ticketed event.

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General public entry to Cancon

Trader hall entry tickets.

Offensive clothing

It has been many years since we have needed to mention this, but please do not wear anything offensive to Cancon 2022.

Cancon is a family event, is not political, and we want everyone to have fun and not cause too much offence (Except through our dice rolling skills.)

Please follow any instructions from convention staff (Yellow Shirts) if there are any issues.