Cancon 2021


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The Canberra Games Society “Convention team” and the club committee have discussed the current Covid-19 situation, and have come to the sad conclusion, that Cancon 2021 is unable to be run in a manner to make it a viable or safe event.

The current 1 person per 4 square meters would reduce our capacity for players in each hall, by at least half. Our traders would be restricted in numbers of staff and customers allowed in their stands, our games library is unable to sanitise board games between users, and even card games would only be able to run with 50% participation. There is also the probability the canteen would not be allowed to operate.

One other issue is our main hall (Budawang) is currently the main ACT Covid-19 mobile (Drive through) testing centre. This removes the hall, the link building and the main carpark from our access.

The organising committee will meet again in October, but this will be to consider an ACT only, Wintercon style event for the weekend before Australia day. This will only happen if there are no restrictions of any kind, in place, or likely to occur.


One a happy note… We will be offering Cancon 2021 T-shirt and Polo shirts.

These will be available online, and will be made to order, so no spares.

The price will include postage as applicable.

They will be available here once the design is finalised.

And will be on sale until late December.