Cancon 2023

21st to 23rd January 2023

Set up on 20th January

Tournaments Participation Games Trade Stands Games Library Bring and Buy Stall* Roleplay* Card Games Room* Poster Competition Crimson Brush Painting Events* T-shirts & Polo Accomodation

Cancon 2023

Cancon 2023 will be a Saturday (21st) – Sunday (22nd) and Monday (23rd January) event.

For 2023, Cancon is held on the weekend before the midweek holiday. (The weekend after the holiday is when school goes back.)

We will be running at Exhibition Park In Canberra. In Budawang, Conference centre (Link), Coorong, Fitzroy and the Quokka pavilions. There will be lots of signs.

General entry for spectators is FREE and does require a ticket.

Event map:

  • Budawang: Table top games, Participation games area, Games Library, Canteen.
  • Conference centre (Link): Card Games, Front desk, Crimson Brush Painting room(Upstairs), Corridor traders.
  • Coorong: Trade hall, Canteen, Parents room.
  • Fitzroy: Table top games, Food van court (Out front), Bring and Buy area. (There is still construction work in Coorong to fix the upstairs area, this may change if we are lucky.)
  • Quokka: Role play rooms.