Poster Competition

Cancon 2024 Poster Competition winner announced:

Three people are asked for their votes on the posters.

  1. A general member of the public who has been caught looking at the posters.
  2. A trader (Or staff of a trade stand.)
  3. A gamer

In case of a draw, another person at random is selected for their votes.

This year, there was no need for tie breaker.

Byron Illyes was the outright winner with three votes out of three.

A certificate will be posted shortly.


Thanks to this years submissions.

Time to start planning your posters for next year.




The Annual poster competition is still here



We print and laminate them, and use for future events to add colour and humour.

Prize will be awarded based on independent judgement of funniest poster.

Examples (Quickly done for laughs, and again oddly prescient….)

Serious ones from previous years.