Cancon 2019


The following Participation games will be available at Cancon 2019.


‘Imperial Tsunami: Hong Kong, 18-25th December 1941’ (WWII BATTLEFRONT: FRIEND OR FOE)

(Historical, WWII, 20mm miniatures: Chris Braddick)


On 8th December 1941, Japan launched a near simultaneous wave of attacks from Hawaii to Malaya. The century-old British colony of Hong Kong was defended by a mixture of second-line British, Indian, Canadian, and local volunteer (Chinese, Portuguese, Eurasian, Free French, etc.) troops commanded by the recently promoted Major General Christopher Maltby. They were to be confronted by Lt. General Sano Tadayoshi’s veteran 38th Infantry Division, reinforced by substantial artillery, naval and air assets. A tactical error led to the capture of the ‘New territories’ in just five days, although Allied forces were able to effect an orderly withdrawal from the mainland to Hong Kong island. Would they be able to offer stiffer resistance to an amphibious Japanese assault across Victoria Harbour? Would Chiang Kai-shek fulfil his promise and launch a Chinese counterattack in the Japanese rear?


This epic battle will run throughout CANCON, but at any time you are welcome to take over a command for an hour or a day and see if you can change the course of history.


‘Numenera’ (CYPHER)

(Sci-fi, RPG: James Fellows/ Anestis Kozakis)


Numenera is set in the far, far distant future, after many great civilizations have risen and fallen. The Player Characters explore the now-ancient ruins of these civilizations to discover the wonders of these long-lost people. But like Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” so many of the people of the setting–called the Ninth World–look upon the secrets of the past as being magical rather than technological. For this adventure: In between two rival villages, lays a wasteland of a forgotten war. An urgent mystery has surfaced, and you’re sent to investigate.


‘Blood in the Snow’ (TO THE STRONGEST)

(Historical, War of the Roses, 6mm miniatures: Lon Teal)


It is Palm Sunday 1461, and the crown of England is the prize. The houses of York and Lancaster stand in the snow, preparing for what will become the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil… Come and join in one of our War of the Roses battles! Over the weekend we’ll be showing off both the 6mm wargaming scale, and the exciting ‘To the Strongest’ ruleset.


‘The Green Hells of Venus’ (WARZONE: RESURRECTION)

(Sci-fi, 32mm miniatures: Evan Radovanovic)


Conflict erupts all over Venus, from the Graveton Archipelago down to Eisilla Island, as the MegaCorps march to war among themselves and against the Dark Legion. So grab your rifle and your bug repellent as we march through the Green Hells and make contact with the enemy once more… Warzone Resurrection is a 32mm scaled, platoon level wargame operating off of an Alternating Activation system, using a d20 roll under dice mechanic, and taking place within the rich and vibrant world of the Mutant Chronicles setting where monolithic MegaCorporations rule the day and humanity is on the precipice as they battle themselves over resources, markets, and stock options, while trying to beat back the omnicidal wave that is the Dark Legion.


‘Head Chef’

(Family Card Game: Peter Cricchiola)


Head Chef is a family friendly card game where players collect ingredients to create tasty food. So tasty, they will make you famous! Be the first to 20 points of fame and you will be crowned Head Chef, winning you the game!



(Historical, American Civil War, 15mm miniatures: Wayne Morrison)


It is 1863 and the Southern Army of Virginia is making another foray into the North. On the outskirts of Canbergh, reports filter through that there is a supply of shoes in the town. Short of footwear, the Southern Army concentrates on the town. In response, the Northern Army of the Potomac gathers its forces to repulse the Rebel attack. Is it good ground, or will defeat be clutched from the jaws of victory? Come and command a brigade or two and see whether a house divided amongst it can stand! This is a large 15mm Battle of the American Civil War using the popular Fire and Fury rules. Players are invited to take command of brigades and or divisions for as little or as long as possible. Experienced organisers will take on senior command roles and guide brigade and divisional players. Fire and Fury is a fun, easy to play and easy to learn set of rules. Organisers will assist inexperienced players. This game is proudly supported by Eureka Miniatures.


‘The Modern Age’ (TANKS)

(Modern: Aetherworks)


The widely successful TANKS game is turning the clock forward from World War II to the height of the Cold War. Choose your nation carefully as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Do you pick the American forces with the old faithful M1 Abrams, Soviet forces and their numerous T-64, the mighty British Chieftain with its heavy armour, the popular German Leopard 2 and its powerful 120mm gun, or French AMX-30 that has speed to burn. Or maybe you have a desire to spread your wings and take to the air? TANKS: The Modern Age wouldn’t be complete without Helicopters! These fast and nimble machines trade the armour that that their ground pounding friends have for the ability to zip around the battlefield delivering anti-tank missiles from all quarters.


‘Curse You, Red Baron!’ (WINGS OF GLORY: WWI)

(Historical, WWI, 1/144 scale miniatures: Zoe Brain)


World War One: the Great War: the war to end all wars. In the air, humanity first took to the skies in flimsy contraptions of wood, dope and canvas, but by the end of the war on the western front in 1918, a few all metal monoplanes were in service that foreshadowed the technology used 20 years later. It was a time of Heroes, the Knights of the Air, such as the legendary Manfred von Richthofen, the “Red Baron”. Curse You Red Baron is a game where each player controls one aircraft, from the legendary Sopwith Camel fighter to the giant Zeppelin Stacken bombers. It takes 5 minutes to learn how to play.


‘Rome Must Die! – The 2nd Punic War’ (HAIL CAESAR)

(Historical, Roman, 28mm miniatures: Ian Poade)


Can Hannibal defeat Rome? Will you lead a contingent of Carthaginians to stop these Latin upstarts? Will you lead the legions to defend the Republic? Or perhaps as a Spanish or Gallic warlord you can not only achieve freedom and glory for your people, but gain some loot along the way? Using 28mm figures we will be looking to create not only the mass battles or this epic struggle (using hundreds of figures), but also to test if you have the skill and cunning to outwit the opposition in many of the smaller skirmishes and raids that occurred between the various participants. But beware! Treachery could be just around the corner as your “allies” might be bought out from under you, or that chieftain from over the hill might take the opportunity to settle old scores!



(Eurogames: Good Games Participation Games, Nigel Slater)


Check out the latest games from the convention season. Try out Guild Master or the Unfair expansion. Have a go at the recently arrived titles from Essen. Sit down for any game and our Demo guides will take you through the game. Keyforge, City of Kings, Pacific Rim, Everdell and more.



(Puzzle board game: Fred Kral)


In ‘Journey’ each player travels the land trying to find a path across the 4 different landscape types before anybody else does. ‘Journey’ is a simple but deep real-time puzzle game for up to 10 players, that takes about 15 minutes to play.


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