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Submissions now open

Submissions to run a  Public Participation game at Cancon 2023 are now open.

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Participation Games: Find Your Inner Gamer

What are ‘participation games’? Basically, they are what it says on the tin: games designed for the public to join in and have some fun. Unlike the many tournament games which generally require prior registration, participation games are open to anyone who shows an interest. They represent a window into the gaming community; a great opportunity to explore the range and depth of this wonderful hobby: miniatures games; Eurogames; card games; fantasy/sci-fi games and historical games are all featured. Participation games at CANCON are run by experts and enthusiasts eager to help you learn about their corner of the gaming world. Game systems range from cutting edge innovations to old favourites, but all offer you a chance to find your gaming identity.

Participation games run from 10:00am daily at CANCON. Spend an hour or spend three days—yes some games really do last that long—and try as many games as you like. And best of all, it is completely free!

(Chris Braddick, Participation Game Coordinator since 2017)


A participation game at Cancon 2019



Air combat in World War One. The Great War. The War to end all wars.

Scenarios will include actions on the Western Front in 1918, Strategic Bombing missions in the first Battle of Britain, fights between various national independence groups in 1919, and the Martian Invasion.

Depending on time available and participant wishes, there may be appearances by Snoopy vs the Red Baron in 1918, and Santa Claus vs the Martians in 1920.

Wings of Glory participation games have been run every year since 2012, and have proved very popular with young and old, newcomers and grognards. It takes 5 minutes to learn the rules, but a lifetime to master them. Each player commands one aircraft.

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Perennial favourites and hot new recent releases from Australia’s premier game supplier.

See what the latest releases from Z-Man games, Days of Wonder or Rio Grande among others are like. Try a Euro style game or the latest big box game from the US.

Ask about the games – players are happy to tell you about what they are playing, or join in – new games are starting frequently.

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This military history card game tests your military history knowledge and challenges you to score as many points as possible while determining a hidden word. Use a combination of clues and letter elimination (using the ‘Wordle’ game system) to determine the word as quickly as possible.

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Bigger Worlds Games presents: Cosmos: Empires, a 2-8 player, 15-45 minute engine building card game. Jump into the galaxy, choose your strategy and build your galactic empire. Race against your friends, exploiting their economy to your advantage!

We will also be demoing Exit Strategy! A 2-6 maze-building game which will be Kickstarted soon.

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Antares Kingdoms is an euro-style kingdom builder card game set in a medieval fantasy world. Players compete to be the most prosperous kingdom at the end of 2 ages by building sets of cards to complete their provinces.

Each year players draw 3 cards and build 2 into their kingdom, then decide whether to spend Supplies and Materials, Buy or Raid cards from other kingdoms, advance their Technology, Foresee Future or send out a trade caravan. You are joined by your unique faction advisors to help you take advantage of the next opportunity.

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The Japanese invasion of the Netherlands East Indies was a key component of Operation A-Go: the southern offensive.

The sprawling Dutch territory included the western half of Timor; the eastern part belonging to the neutral Portuguese, although the Japanese drew little distinction given the presence of Australian and Dutch troops in both.

The main Japanese motivation was to secure reliable supplies of oil. Timor had none, but its control was nevertheless essential if Japan was to isolate Australia from Britain and the US; General Wavell’s Joint American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command having been activated on January 15th.

An air assault on Port Darwin on 19th February was designed to forestall further Australian intervention. Lieutenant General Sano Tadayoshi’s veteran 38th Infantry, the so-called ‘Swamp Division’, was given the task of conquering this archipelago, with the assistance of the Imperial Japanese Navy, but would the Australian-led ‘Sparrow Force’ be able to resist long enough for reinforcements to arrive?

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