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Participation Games: Find Your Inner Gamer

What are ‘participation games’? Basically, they are what it says on the tin: games designed for the public to join in and have some fun. Unlike the many tournament games which generally require prior registration, participation games are open to anyone who shows an interest. They represent a window into the gaming community; a great opportunity to explore the range and depth of this wonderful hobby: miniatures games; Eurogames; card games; fantasy/sci-fi games and historical games are all featured. Participation games at CANCON are run by experts and enthusiasts eager to help you learn about their corner of the gaming world. Game systems range from cutting edge innovations to old favourites, but all offer you a chance to find your gaming identity.

Participation games run from 10:00am daily at CANCON. Spend an hour or spend three days—yes some games really do last that long—and try as many games as you like. And best of all, it is completely free!

(Chris Braddick, Participation Game Coordinator since 2017)


A participation game at Cancon 2019



Leros, Dodecanese Islands, Greece, 12-16 November 1943
A Scenario for Friend or Foe by Chris Braddick

In early 1943, Winston Churchill devised a scheme to gain control of the Italian-occupied Dodecanese Islands (and perhaps Crete) as a way of weakening the German position in the Eastern Mediterranean. This would threaten the vital Ploesti oilfields in Romania, and might even persuade Turkey to join the Allies, thereby opening an alternative supply route to the Soviet Union. The Americans were sceptical, seeing this as just another distraction from the main southern thrust into Italy. Yet the Italian government’s capitulation in early September offered Churchill the perfect opportunity to revive his plan, now codenamed ‘Operation Accolade’. With the consent of the Italian government, British forces ‘occupied’ most of the Dodecanese islands, including the rather small and rocky island of Leros, but not before the Germans had seized the main island of Rhodes. The Germans soon struck again, taking Kos on 4 October, and with the Luftwaffe enjoying near total air superiority, they subjected Leros to an unrelenting aerial bombardment. Yet, given the Royal Navy’s dominance of the sea, would they be able to repeat their success in ‘Operation Taifun’ against Leros, defended by British tommies, Indian sappers, Greek special forces, and Italian gunners?
This often overlooked battle represented Hitler’s last major victory in World War II. Unusually, it featured Special Forces on both sides: Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), Special Boat Service (SBS), and Greek Sacred Squadron versus Brandenburg Küstenjӓger (coastal assault) and Fallshirmjäger (paratroopers).
As usual, we will fight this single battle through the whole of CANCON. We will use 20mm figures and Friend or Foe (7th edition) rules. Everyone is welcome to join in, whether just for an hour or all three days.

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Every year, pandemics permitting, this game has been run to popular acclaim at Cancon. Scenarios have included Snoopy vs the Red Baron, the War of the Worlds, Balloon Busting, the first Blitz, as well as more usual contests.
The rules take only a few minutes to learn, and are suitable for players aged 6 and over, though 10+ is recommended.

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Good Games Participation games.

Perennial favourites and hot new recent releases from Australia’s premier game supplier.

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“Hey, a distress call has just come in over the airwaves. Some scientist is in trouble and it sounds like he has some good stuff on him! An easy score, right?”. Distress Call is a cooperative post-apocalyptic adventure for 4 players using the rules for Osprey’s ZONA ALFA. Journey into a radioactive wasteland of monsters and other-worldly dangers to collect loot and just maybe make it back alive.

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Welcome to World War 1 dogfighting. Pilots man your planes. These are the grandfathers of todays jet combat hence Pop’s Gun. All players will pilot an aeroplane or two and you will fly around the table trying to shoot others down and avoid being Fokker Fodder. This is played with 1/72 scale models and is not Wings of War. Full flying instructions given, the rest is up to you. These games last as long as you can…between one and two hours. Play for as long as you like or as long as you survive.

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“The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War, took place in Western Australia during 1932. Essentially it was to limit the Great plagues of Emus plauging Western Australia.
Emu dawn is a light hearted simulation of the conflict between the Australian army and the “”Emu King””
A game has One or two players a side a game and takes about an hour.
The Emu King never surrendered, and is watching and waiting for his revenge.
The war goes on!

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Zombies! Need more Brains – co-operative Zombie! push your Luck Style game by Michael Richardson and KickAss Games

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Its the 29th century, Earth has been devastated by 4 world wars and a vast amount of people have left earth for a better life on another planet.
The earth has begun to regenerate and the inhabitants of Earth have rebuilt and have flourished.
The Strahl Democratic (the SDR) republic have returned and have tried to take over the planet again.
The local inhabitants have formed their own force with left over equipment from the last war they call themselves The IMA (Independent Mercenary Army) and have engaged in Gorilla warfare with the SDR.

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