Games Library

A key goal of the Canberra Games Society (CGS) is to promote gaming within the ACT and surrounding region.

The Games Library focuses on board games appealing to the interests of a wide range within the community, furthering gaming through:

The library currently has more than 300 games available to people attending CANCON

The Library is staffed by volunteers who love the hobby and will endeavour to assist you with any questions that you may have.

We’re Growing.

The Board Game library has grown significantly since its inception at CANCON 2013, when approximately 36 tables were available to attendees.  2017 was the first year where we didn’t have additional space and even with 80 tables available, we had had to turn away patrons on a number of occasions.   CANCON organisers have recognised the growth in popularity of boardgames in the community, and provided us almost 50% extra space this year, with approx. 120 tables available for play.  So, invite your friends and get ready for a great year of exploring new games, revisiting  favourites and meeting new gaming friends

More Information.

CGS Board Game Library on Facebook

Game Library Hours:

26-27 Jan 2018:                 8.30AM – Midnight
28 Jan 2018:                        8.30AM – 4PM

Game Library Entry Fees:

Daily Weekend
Individual $15 $30
Under 12* $5 $10
Family** $45 $90

* Children under 12 to be accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager.
** Family: 2 Adults and 2 Children (12-18).

Games Library Tickets

Online tickets sales have closed to allow the team to prepare for Cancon.

Tickets will be available for sale at the Games Library from Saturday morning.

Entry Fees – What do they support?

CANCON is a not for profit event aimed to celebrate and grow gaming in ACT and the surrounding region.  Entry fees help cover costs of running the library (including the  purchase of new games, hire of tables, chairs and fence, new equipment such as shelving and table cloths and hire and operation of the venue).

Major Sponsor

The Game Library is very fortunate to have a Major sponsor who helps ensure that the Library is an ongoing proposition.  This year we are happy to announce that the Games Capital is continuing its support of the event as our Major Sponsor.

Show your thanks by supporting them at their store in Civic, online or at CANCON (where they often offer discounts on games)


Other sponsors are yet to be confirmed.

Special Guest


Library Operation

Access.  Access to the Library is via purchase of a Lanyard.  Lanyards are available that are valid for a single day or the entire event.  The Lanyard must be worn at all times and presented on request.  All staff running the library are volunteers who give up their time to help promote the hobby.  Please be courteous when staff request to see your lanyard and when you are seeking assistance.

Game Check out.  Games can be selected from library and checked out by Games Library volunteers.  Basic details (name, mobile #) will be recorded on check out to track games and their usage.

Game Check in.  We request that games are returned to Library volunteers in a similar condition as received.   When packing up a game, please check the table and floor to ensure no pieces are missed. Please do not return games directly to shelves.

Organising a Game.  Three different sign types are available to help you form an appropriate group for your game.  Display these as you set up your game to find additional players and highlight new games to Library volunteers who may be able to assist with rules / demo support.

Once you are ready to begin your game, please return the sign to the check in / out desk.

Personal Games.  You are free to bring and play your own games within the Library area if you have a valid Lanyard.