Cancon 2025


Ticket sales for tournaments are now closed.

This is to give TOs some time to organise draws etc.

If you are still wanting to play, contact the event TO to see if you can be placed on their waiting list.




If you need to cancel your ticket, contact us at

We offer full refunds until the 10th of January 2024.

Tickets are non-transferable.


40K Friendly and Open

This event is now full.

Contact the TO (Click on his name above) to be added to the waiting list.

40k Friendly is expanding to have both Classic ( Friendly) and Open (No List Vetting).
Either Event is 1500 points, Strike Force.
Once you have purchased your ticket, We will email you with a g00gle form to complete.
Classic Friendly Lists will be vetted via the usual process, and will be subject to approval.
If you just want to play what you want, no questions asked, tick the “Open” box.
If your list is deemed to be too OP for the Classic, you’ll be given the option to rework it, or play in the Open.
Everyone gets a spot to roll math rocks in the 40K event at CanCon now!



ADLG 15mm Open

After feedback from players ADLG will now be 6 games.  2 games on each day. Friday and Saturday will stay at 3 hours plus random. Sunday will be 2 1/2 hours plus random. 


200ap 15mm open comp. Please enter early to avoid disappointment as spaces will be extremely limited.

NB The Friday is the public holiday next year. It will be 5 rounds over the 3 days, 2 rounds a day Friday & Saturday, 1 on Sunday.

Our generous sponsors and their Cancon deals are linked below with links to their websites via their logos.

1) Mick Sellman of Micks Metal Models  He will provide vouchers to the value of double the prize support.

2) Rafa of Wargamers’ Whims will supply a terrain set and do a free postage order to me. Players place their orders through Rafa & pay him directly & mention it is for the Australian Cancon group order, they won’t be charged postage. I will bring all items to Cancon 2024 for distribution.

3) Keith Lowman of Wild Grass Designs (a micro business manufacturing static tufts) is providing 20 sheets of tufts for free and offering players a 10% discount on his products for players that order before Cancon.

Boards may be provided, tbc.

Dice to be provided and compulsory to use.

Terrain to be provided by the players but we will have some spare if people can’t bring any.

Painted armies, accurately depicting what they represent (no Vikings acting as Romans or example) to be provided by players.

Please let me know if you need to borrow any terrain army.

Any questions, please ask. I am taking a break from organising Cancon after 2024.

Glen Noonan has kindly offered to run Cancon from 2025.

Umpires & List Checker tbc.”



AWRG Horse & Musket

Blurb will be available shortly.


Olympian Games

Bolt Action @ CANCON 24

Bolt Action v2, the 28mm WWII platoon+ sized game from Warlord Games, is coming back to CANCON in 2024, with a big two day event across Fri-Sat 26-27 January.

Whether it is your first time playing in a tournament or you are just looking to play something new, by signing up for Bolt Action you will be joining a friendly community of players, gaming on top-notch tables and seeing many incredible armies. All skill/experience levels welcome and armies can be provided if needed.

We will be posting event information on the Bolt Action CANCON 2024 Facebook event page and the Bolt Action Australia / New Zealand face book page. Event organisers can be contacted at

Call to Glory



Call to Glory is one of the world’s largest Age of Sigmar singles events.

This tournament will take place on the Friday & Saturday with the top 8 qualifiers going on to play in an elimination finals on the Sunday. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Pitched Battles rules from the latest edition, General’s Handbook & FAQs will be in use at this event.


The option to enter both Age of Sigmar events is also available.

To enter Call to Glory (Friday and Saturday), click the Book now button.

To also enter the Friendly Fyre (Sun) click the Friendly Fyre – ADD ON event only.

To enter the Friendly Fyre event (Sun) only, click the Friendly Fyre event only.


Friendly Fyre

Friendly Fyre is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar DOUBLES tournament for a gaming team of two.

Taking place on Sunday, this tournament is for veterans and new players alike who want a tournament experience with a less competitive edge.

If that sounds like you, find a friend and join in the battle.

This is the stand alone event. Enter this only if you are not playing any other games at Cancon.

Friendly Fyre - ADD ON

This is the add on for the Call to Glory event.

Only enter this event if you have already entered another event (Such as Call to Glory on the first two days.)

Cancon 2024 MCP


Cancon 2024 Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Cancon 2024 Middle Earth Strategy Battlegame is a 2 day 800pt main tournament event with day 3 being an optional doubles 1600pt doubles event.

The main event will run on the Saturday & Sunday while the optional doubles will be run on the Friday.

Players pack is available at


This event is currently sold out.  Contact to be put on the waitlist


Capital Bowl 2024

Blood Bowl has returned to Cancon with the 2024 Capital Bowl. 2 days, six games.

Capital Bowl 2024 is an homage to the glory days of Cancon as the major National tournament under the great Drakeular, and the straight ‘out of the box’ format. As such, we’ll be using the rules that come in the following documents:
* Blood Bowl Rulebook 2020
* Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide (including Post-Match, Tiers & Mega-Stars)
* Blood Bowl FAQ, Teams of Legend & Star Players downloads

Player Pack

Teams will be purchased to a value of 1,000,000gp

Rosters submitted to the TO by no later than midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time (aka Daylight Savings) Sunday 31 December 2023

The following prizes will be awarded:
1) Overall winner
2) Most Casualties
3) Most TDs
4) Stunty Boss
5) Best Painted
6) The Drakeular Memorial Shield – at the top of round 5 each coach will vote on the coach they believe best embodies the qualities of a fine Blood Bowl ambassador – fairness, fun, the spirit of sporting competition, and grace under pressure. Votes will be counted and the winner’s name engraved on the perpetual shield.


Also, thanks to Grimrod

Conquest Last Argument of Kings 2k Tournament

Conquest Last Argument of Kings 2000 points Tournament Event returns to Cancon!

5 Rounds played on the most up to date Scenario Pack.


Player’s pack

DBA 3.0 15mm

The DBA tournament will be contested over two days with six rounds per day starting at 9.00am and scheduled to finish at approx. 5.00pm. There will be trophies for first, second, third place, and junior champion, based on the combined scores over the 2 days. Additional trophies for the Executioner Award (most elements destroyed in a single game), the Magister Militum (best adjusted score), and the Grand Maurice (best performance at DBA tournaments over the past 12 months).

For Day 1, (Friday 26th January 2024), armies can only be selected from Sections 1 and 2.
For Day 2 (Saturday 27th January 2024) armies can only be selected from Sections 3 and 4.

For each day the same 12 element army is used in each round. Swapping of optional elements is not permitted. The 12 elements may include approved allies appropriate to each list. There will be no dismounting “ troops eligible for dismounting must be specified as either mounted or dismounted in your list.

Rules: DBA v3.0 (including any official amendments released by the author).
Winners will be awarded: 8 points for a win.
Losers will be awarded: 1 point for finishing the game, + 1 point for each enemy element killed (max of 3 points) + 1 bonus point for killing opponent’s General, + 1 bonus point for capturing opponent’s camp. Maximum score for a lost game is 6.
Drawn games are scored at a point for each enemy element killed (max of 3 points, + 1 bonus point for killing opponent’s General, + 1 bonus point for capturing opponent’s camp. Maximum score for a drawn game is 5.

Camps must have camp followers (CF) or be garrisoned by one of your army’s 12 elements. If either of these conditions is not met then the camp is considered undefended.
All figures should be appropriately based, painted and recognisably depict the troops they represent.

Figures are to be based for 15mm scale (i.e. 40mm frontage).
Game duration is 1 hour, with the next round commencing at most, 15 minutes after the scheduled finish of the previous round.
Playing area will be 70cm x 70cm mats. Players are to provide their own terrain.
Players can also register for a single day’s play, nominating either the Saturday or Sunday.


Flames of War Australian Nationals

Where else to decide the ace of aces than the Nations Capital!

Don’t want to duel with the top?

No problem, come along and enjoy playing some fun games with great people, all skill levels welcome.


Player Pack


Glory is Fleeting Napoleonic (formerly FOG N)

“Glory is Fleeting Napoleonic (formerly FOG N) will be at Cancon again this year.

As usual it will be a 5 round tournament.

Army sizes are 1000 points

We will be using the Glory is Fleeting Napoleonic Rules and Lists v1.

The figure scale is 15/18mm figures.
Loan armies are available.

Please email lists for checking to by midnight on 12 January 2024

Infinity Nationals

Australian Infinity Nationals Event


Konflikt 47, the 28mm Weird WWII platoon+ sized game from Warlord will have a 1 Day event on Sunday 28 January.

In line with the Weird War vibe we are aiming to make this a fun and exciting event for everyone from first time players to old BA hands. All skill/experience levels will be welcome.

We will be posting event information on the Bolt Action CANCON 2024 Facebook event page and the Bolt Action Australia / New Zealand face book page.

Event organisers can be contacted by email.




THE LARD ZONE – Your chance to play TooFatLardies games.

For the three days, all things Lard will feature at CANCON in the Lard Zone next to the participation game area in the Coorong hall.

For available games and to book your place, see “LARD DOWN UNDER CANCON 24 – Games” at


Renaissance at War

Renaissance at War – De Bellis Renationis (DBR) V 2

A very warm welcome to players of the 2023 15mm Australian National DBR Tournament and defenders of the South Pacific Championship Shield.

Five or six games over 3 days, Friday 26 to Sunday 28 January.  Players who complete all games (including byes) qualify for prizes.

Armies: Players choose an army of 400 AP from any listed in the three WRG army list books.  Players may submit up to two lists but each must be the same date and location with the same or no ally.  To avoid any misunderstanding or an embarrassing penalty please submit lists to no later than Sunday January 21, 2023   All figures must be historically depicted, suitably painted and correctly based.


Terrain: All tables are pre-set and based or themed on historical battles.  Defending armies that find they have no compulsory or home terrain on a pre-set battlefield may, at the organisers’ discretion, request one FE of compulsory or home terrain added to the table or replace an existing terrain piece.


Note that Difficult Going (DGo) will not be placed within the 300p centre of the battlefield [see also Rules a) below].


Rules: WRG DBR v2 with internationally accepted amendments and guidelines, including:

  1. most enclosed fields (E) will be treated as Rough Going (RGo), and
  2. if time and weather rules are agreed by BOTH players the earliest battles can start is Dawn.
  3. Special Tournament Rules in addition to the standard rule book include:
  4. Split of Shot (Sh) into Musket (Msk) [cost as per Sh classification] and Arquebus (Arq) [where listed most classified (O) @ 5 AP except Spanish/Russian Streltsy (S) @ 7 AP and Ottoman Janissaries (F) @ 5 AP]. (detailed Amended Army Lists available on request)
  5. Distributed baggage – costed by command but loss only affects army break point. Non-allied baggage may be deployed together in any command’s deployment area and if mobile moved by C-in-C’s PIP, but allied baggage must be deployed within the Allied Command rectangle.
  • Victory and Defeat points are 0 – 20 (10 as per the rules + 10 based on % of opponent’s destroyed ME).

Details of Tournament Rules and other instructions and guidelines, including photos of the battlefield tables, will be emailed to players after registration closes and included with the Players’ Guide issued on day 1.  Please contact Phil for information or clarification on tournament rules.

Our chief sponsors are Eureka Miniatures and Mikes Metal Models.

Contacts:  Phil Clark 0407704265, (email preferred).


Please direct all non-tournament enquiries to the CANCON organisers.



Star Wars Legion Presented by Tabletop Gaming Hub


WW3 State of Origin 2024 Team Yankee

Pairs of two players using forces totalling no more than 160pts will do battle for the State of Origin 2024 Championship at Cancon using the Team Yankee rules.



21st Century Boardgames Competition

The 21st Century Boardgames Championship is a games competition that is open to all players and to all suitable games. Players compete for the title of National Boardgames Champion at CanCon.

Players may play any or all of the games on offer, as many times as they like, with whom they like.

To be eligible for the title of National Boardgames Champion players must play a minimum number of games and a minimum number of different games. There are also other prizes, including: one for the most consistently good player; one for each game, for the best player of each game; one for playing a lot of different games; one for playing a lot of games, and one for playing a lot of different people.

Of the games in the competition, most are boardgames, but some card games are also included. Where a game has different versions and expansions, unless otherwise indicated, any of them may be played.

For 2023, the list of games was:

  • 7 Wonders (including Leaders, Cities, Babel, extra Wonders and promos, but not Armada)
  • Concordia (including Salsa, Venus, Fish Market, and all maps except Corsica and Creta)
  • Dominion (not Prosperity or Empires, but including all other expansions)
  • Gizmos
  • Great Western Trail
  • Lords of Waterdeep (including Undermountain and Scoundrels of Skullport)
  • Roll for the Galaxy (not Ambition)
  • Splendor
  • Stone Age (including Style is the Goal and The Huts)
  • Takenoko (not Chibis)
  • Terraforming Mars (inclding Hellas & Elysium, Venus, Prelude, and Colonies…
    …but not Turmoil or promo cards)
  • Ticket to Ride (Only the basic versions: Europe, USA and India, and not megacities)
  • Trans America (both America and Europa)
  • Wingspan (inclding the European Expansion, but not the Oceania Expansion)

Please note this list of games can and will change, Games (like Great Western Trail) that weren’t played much or at all will be dropped, and new games may be added or old ones reinstated.

Extra games may be proposed by entrants, one per entrant, by emailing me (Richard). If a game is proposed by at least four entrants, and it is suitable for the competition, it will be included. Last year, Gizmos was added, and Dominion was restored after initially being dropped.

To be suitable for the competition, a game:

  • must be readily available, and ideally is in print
  • must have a four-player, individually scored version (sorry, no team games)
  • must have a good range of player scores, and
  • needs minimal supervision by directors of play.

Please note that if decisions by organisers or by directors of play are required then those decisions are final. For more information please contact the organisers:

Gregory Calder 

Richard Neville



Contact us at BEFORE you enter if you need a special ticket.

Star Wars Shatterpoint


Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader is a tactical level World War Two board game.

Played over three to four hours, this game successfully recreates combined arms company level land action from all theatres in this conflict. The ASL tournament will consist of five rounds played over three days.


Jolt Games

Warhammer Fantasy 6th: Attack of the Proxies

“There is unrest in the old world.
Grey simulacrums haunt the edges of your empire bearing the faces of your warriors. These ‘proxies’ are menacing your lands, stealing your identity, you worry they won’t stop until you join them, a mere facsimile of yourself. Begun the proxy war has, muster your armies and prepare to face the enemy in whatever form it takes.
Warhammer 6th Edition is back at Cancon!
Take table quarters! Defeat your enemy in challenges! DEFEND THE WAGON
Five 2000 point games over two days.
Player’s Pack Here

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Australian World Open Qualifier @ Cancon 2024


Star Wars Armada - Australian World Qualifier Event


Warmaster Revolution: It's Coming Around Again....Again

Warmaster Revolution is back, again!
Come sign up for 4 scenario based games of 10mm action in the Old World.

Rules for this most excellent iteration of the rules can be found here:



Warmachine and Hordes Mk4

CANCON 2024 Warmachine MK4 Event.

Warmachine Mk4 at Cancon is a 3 day event consisting of 2 competitive tournaments and one Narrative event.

Day 1

100pts MK4 Prime. 3 Rounds with top 4 cut for finals on day 2. 1 list minimum, 2 list optional. Event will use the Currently Published rules as per the WARMACHINE App and Current Steamroller Event at the time of event start.

Day 2

100pt Masters top 4.

75 pts MK4 Unlimited. 4 Rounds. 1 list minimum, 2 list optional. Event will use the Currently Published rules as per the WARMACHINE App and Current Steamroller Event at the time of event start.

MK4 Prime Narrative Event. 6 rounds over 2 days. 4 rounds on day 2, 2 rounds on day 3. Points levels will be dependent on the scenario being played. The specific scenarios are still being determined, and a Narrative players pack will be published at a later date with all the specific details.

Day 3

Last 2 rounds of Narrative Event.

Currently there is not an additional event scheduled for day 3. If there is enough interest in either additional players for the final 2 rounds of the narrative event, or a new event for day 3 we will organise one.

Player’s guide

Any questions send to

Mortem et Gloriam

Mortem et Gloriam updates as of 5 January 2024 (including Army Lists), 15mm, 10,000 points, any list


Olympian Games

One day differential (Broadside)

600 points, all years, three games, winner has best ratio of points won to points lost.

The loot pile for this event is rumoured to be huge.


A Song of Ice and Fire

“A Song Of Ice And Fire is back at Cancon with 2 exciting events!

Australia National:
3 games amazing using 40pt list to decide the Australian National Champion.

Starter Set Event:
3 games event with a twist on list writing. 30pts using unit found in a faction starter set.

Both Events will be using the 2021 S03 version of the rules

More information on List Formats and Game Modes can be found in the Player Packs coming soon!”

Warhammer Fantasy 6th Doubles: Proxy Overload

Two leisurely games of Fantasy doubles to cap off the weekend.
1000 points for each player.
New and returning players most welcome.
Get the Princess to the Ball! Help the Wizard!
Players Pack Available Here
No requirement to have a partner to attend – players will be matched by the TO if no partner is nominated.



If you are NOT playing anything else, enter the Stand Alone version.

If you are playing games on Friday and Saturday, enter the Add on version.


Cancon Judgement

Come and play games with the creators or Judgement! 
The Galea brothers will be running and playing Judgement on Sunday at Cancon in 2024. 
Standard 5v5 event (bring 7 heroes), using the Veto system. 
This will be a very casual event and all players, old and new are welcome. 
3 games guaranteed.