Cancon 2023


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Cancon will be run on Saturday 21st January 2023 through to Monday 23rd January.
Please note: Monday is not a public holiday.

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15mm De Bellis Antiquitatas (DBA)


Playing Conditions

The DBA tournament will be contested over two days with six rounds per day starting at 9.00am and scheduled to finish at approx. 5.00pm. There will be trophies for first, second, third place, and junior champion, based on the combined scores over the 2 days.  Additional trophies for the Executioner Award (most elements destroyed in a single game), the Magister Militum (best adjusted score), and the Grand Maurice (best performance at DBA tournaments over the past 12 months).

  • For Day 1, (Saturday 21st January 2023), armies can only be selected from Books 1 and 2.
  • For Day 2 (Sunday 22nd January 2023) armies can only be selected from Books 3 and 4.

For each day the same 12 element army will be used in each round. This means that optional elements will not be permitted. The 12 elements may include approved allies appropriate to each list. There will be no dismounting – troops eligible for dismounting must be specified as either mounted or dismounted in your list.Mounted troops eligible to dismount must be specified as either mounted or dismounted at deployment, and the appropriate figures (mounted or foot) must be used.

Rules: DBA v3.0 (including any official amendments released by the author).


  • Winners will be awarded: 8 points for a win.
  • Losers will be awarded: 1 point for finishing the game, + 1 point for each enemy element killed (max of 3 points) + 1 bonus point for killing opponent’s General, + 1 bonus point for capturing opponent’s camp. Maximum score for a lost game is 6.
  • Drawn games are scored at a point for each enemy element killed (max of 3 points, + 1 bonus point for killing opponent’s General, + 1 bonus point for capturing opponent’s camp. Maximum score for a drawn game is 5.

Camps must have camp followers (CF) or be garrisoned by one of your army’s 12 elements. If neither of these conditions is met then the camp is considered undefended.

All figures should be appropriately based, painted and recognisably depict the troops they represent. Figures are to be based for 15mm scale (i.e. 40mm frontage).

Game duration is 1 hour, with the next round commencing at most, 15 minutes after the scheduled finish of the previous round.

Playing area will be 70cm x 70cm mats. Players are to provide their own terrain. Players are strongly encouraged to be creative with terrain building and depiction.

Players can also register for a single day’s play, nominating either the Saturday or Sunday.


You can only enter the DBA competition through the CGS CanCon website, Canberra Games Society (

And hint – don’t forget to enter your postcode when entering your credit card details …

Email the organiser by Friday 13 January 2023 with your army lists (detailing the 12 elements to be used) and date (for aggression purposes).

Any queries regarding the DBA tournament should be directed to the organiser: Peter Spitz using

COVID: the pandemic is still occuring. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms (fever, sore throat, etc) or feel unwell. Social distancing and hand cleansing are encouraged. ACT Health recommends mask wearing indoors and in areas where social distancing is not possible.

This tournament runs for two days at the following times:

  • Saturday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Sunday 09:00 to 17:00


21st Century Boardgames Competition

The 21st Century Boardgames Championship is a games competition that is open to all players and to all suitable games. Players compete for the title of National Boardgames Champion at CanCon.

Players may play any or all of the games on offer, as many times as they like, with whom they like.

To be eligible for the title of National Boardgames Champion players must play a minimum number of games and a minimum number of different games.

There are also other prizes, including: one for the most consistently good player; one for each game, for the best player of each game; one for playing a lot of different games; one for playing a lot of games, and one for playing a lot of different people.

Of the games in the competition, most are boardgames, but some card games are also included. Where a game has different versions and expansions, unless otherwise indicated, any of them may be played.

For 2023 the list of games will include:
– 7 Wonders (not Armada)
– Concordia (all expansions, including Venus, but not the Corsica map)
– Great Western Trail (no expansions)
– Lords of Waterdeep
– Roll for the Galaxy (not Ambition)
– Splendor
– Stone Age
– Takenoko (not Chibis)
– Terraforming Mars (not turmoil or promo cards)
– Ticket to Ride (Only the basic versions: Europe, USA and India)
– Trans America (and Europa)
– Wingspan (and Europe, but not Oceania)
NB. Architects of the West Kingdom, Dominion, and Power Grid were in the 2022 comp, but weren’t popular enough to justify inclusion in 2023.

Extra games (including old games that have been dropped) may be proposed by entrants, one per entrant, by emailing me. If a game is proposed by at least four entrants, and it is suitable for the competition, it will be included in the 2020 competition.

To be suitable for the competition, a game:
– should be readily available (ie. in print and can be easily obtained);
– must have a four-player, individually scored version (sorry, no team games)
– must have a good range of player scores
– will require minimal supervision by directors of play.

ADLG 15mm 200ap Open competition

An open 7 round ADLG competition over 3 rounds, points not to exceed 200ap.

Painted armies only, accurately depicting what they represent.

Terrain as per rules, players to provide.

Dice will be provided & compulsory to use.

Interstate & International visitors do not need to bring mats/boards, players from NSW & ACT do.

First round by date, 1st 3 rounds no one from he same state or overseas country play against each other if possible.


Mick's Metal Models

Mick’s Metal Models  – double the value of prize support in vouchers, will have a stall at Cancon 2023

Wild Grass Designs  – $200 worth of tufts & 10% discounts for players.

Wargamers’ Whims  – donating a terrain pack & offering free shipping to all players in a group order placed by me as well as a free gift for orders over 50 Euros.

Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader is a tactical level World War Two board game.

Played over three to four hours, this game successfully recreates combined arms company level land action from all theatres in this conflict. The ASL tournament will consist of five rounds played over three days.


Jolt Games

Bolt Action 2023

A 1250pt Bolt Action event – the first official Warlord GT Bolt Action event to be held in Australia!

A competitive event, in the spirit of the Australian meta – with all players putting their best foot forward!


Current player pack

(PDF document)



Knights of Dice


Call to Glory

Age of Sigmar returns to Cancon for 2023!

5 games of Age of Sigmar across two days in the realm of Ghur!




Emerald Hobbies

Polymath Tabletop

Conquest Last Argument of Kings

Conquest Last Argument of Kings tournament event running 2,000 points of pure, fantasy rank and file tabletop.

Running released models only and using the most up to date rule set and FAQs for 1.5.1.

No painting requirement, although preferred if possible.

Player’s Pack link



Para Bellum,  Rhys King


Flames of War Australian Nationals GT

Where else would you hold the National GT but the Nations Capital?

A Flames of War – Late War Grand Tournament, come and roll some dice to see who is the king of the capital.

All current Late War books and forces allowed.

If you’re not a competitive player, come along any way, we’ll be using Swiss Chess scoring so you should matched against equally skilled players all weekend.

Player Pack


FOG Napoleonic

FOG Napoleonic returns to Cancon.

This will be a 5 round 1000 point tournament played over 3 days using FOG N version 3 playtest edition (with v2 lists).

Figure scale for the tournament is 15/18mm.

Loan armies are available.

Please email lists for checking to Philip Abela at by Friday 13 January 2023

LARD DOWN UNDER - A Lard Zone at Cancon 2023

All things Lard will feature at CANCON 2023 in Lard Zone.

Try a new Lard game or play an old favourite.

Rich Clarke of the TooFatLardies will be attending and running games over the weekend.

20 different games over the weekend, 15 running simultaneously.

TO PARTICIPATE enter online, then email:

More details at <CLICK ME>

Games include: Chain of Command; ‘O’ Group: Strength & Honour; What a Tanker; Charlie Don’t Surf; What a Cowboy; CoC: The Cold War Game; Sharp Practice; CoC: The Napoleonic War Game; Infamy Infamy; Bag the Hun.

You are able to enter, Saturday, Saturday & Sunday, or Saturday, Sunday and Monday.



Little Armies - 25mm DBR


A quick game’s a good game


SCALE: 25-28mm


DAYS: Sat, Sun & Mon


Players to prepare one army list of 250 AP taken from any of the three army list books or the “Missing Lists” (published in Arquebusier and Parabellum Journals).

Copies of the Missing Lists will be: A) emailed to those requesting same; and/or, B) available to collect in hardcopy on the morning of Day 1. All ARMY LISTS must be by commands as well as total Army AP and ME.

All lists to be submitted to LIST CHECKER (Ben): by COB on Friday 13 January, 2023.

RULES TERRAIN: In accordance with the rules though size reduced given table size (6 x 4). Some terrain will be provided but bring your own if able.

VICTORY POINTS as per rules

WEATHER rules will be played

DEPLOYMENT rules modified for table size.

Please register interest early by emailing

MEATLOAF ENTRY (i.e. 2 out of 3 days aren’t bad) available depending on numbers though the entry price remains the same. Please register interest early. Upon registration or email inquiry either Stu or Ben will provide a document outlining the modified terrain sizes, modified deployment, and a further document encompassing the missing (extra) lists.

Email with any queries.

or Stu will do their best to get back to you as best they can.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol

This is a Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Challenger event using Standard Timeline rules and the current banned and restricted list all docs all of which can be found:


Mortem et Gloriam National Championships

Mortem et Gloriam, 15mm, 10,000 points, any list


Olympian Games

Warhammer 40K FRIENDLY

The Warhammer 40K Friendly will be, at its core is a casual event. It is NOT a tournament. The emphasis will be on meeting new, like-minded people, rolling dice, having a laugh and enjoying a great game of toy soldiers in a great atmosphere.


If this is your idea of a great way to Warhammers, then you have found the right event, so sign up ASAP as places are already filling up! However, if you have a difficult time letting go of your competitive nature, dislike random in-game events, or prefer the 30th millennium, this event is probably not up your alley and you should look into participating in the other great events at CANCON.

Player Pack

Warmaster Revolution: Its coming around again!

Warmaster Revolution (WMR) is a fan-based 2nd edition of rules for the Warmaster game.

Warmaster stopped being supported by Games Workshop (GW) in 2012, yet there are still many players around the world who love this game and are playing it regularly…many players such as the best of the best of Australia.

Come on down to CANCON to celebrate Warmaster and the camaraderie only found between gamers playing the finest of Games Workshops discarded games of yesteryear.
The tournament will be 4 games run over 2 days (2 games Saturday & 2 games Sunday) with a healthy break in the middle on Saturday to enjoy CANCON’s highlights and stalls.



World War 3 Team Yankee State of Origin

This event will be a teams event seeing groups of three players from various states pitted against another team in one vs one games.

Each player has a maximum of 100 points comprising no more than three unique formations drawn from Team Yankee V2 rules and lists.


The Old World Lives! - Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The Old World Lives! is a two-day tournament for a mix of competitive play and encouraging and enjoying playing retro Warhammer and the wonderful vibes of the Cancon event organised by Canberra Games Society.

The Old World Lives! WFB 6th edition, 2000 points tournament to be held at the flag ship Cancon between 21 – 23 January 2023 (we’ll be playing on the 21-22).

New and old players of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) 6th edition rules are encouraged. 6th edition is the most themed and balanced edition to rule them all. New players most welcome, resources for rules and armies can be provided/loaned.

There will be four games (two per day) with the aim to provide players with plenty of time to play and also actually enjoy Cancon. You be able to socialise, pick favourite painted armies and actually have lunch on both days and peruse traders to your hearts content and play other games on Monday.

Players are welcome to stay after their second and fourth game to play a social game if they wish. We’ve tried to ensure interstaters have a chance of getting home if they’re leaving Sunday.

Bought to you by the team that bought Canberra “It Lives”, “Its Alive” and “The Walking hammers” Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition tournaments.

See the below Dropbox link for the player’s pack.



Warmachine MK4

Details can be found at:

Pending the full release of the MK4 rules.


If you have entered other games and want to also enter this event, send an email to for the special additional one day ticket.


CanCon - Star Wars: Legion 2023

Welcome to the Star Wars: Legion tournament page for Cancon 2023!

Whether this is your first time playing or you’ve been playing for years, we welcome you to attend this two day Star Wars: Legion event!


Player Pack Link


Cancon 2023 Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Cancon 2023 – A 2 day Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game tournament – 700 points

Players pack can be found HERE

Infinity Nationals

Australia’s National Infinity tournament event.

5 games over two days using the ITS 14 event guidelines.


Renaissance at War - 15mm DBR

Renaissance at War

De Bellis Renationis (DBR)

A very warm welcome to players of the 2023 15mm Australian National DBR Tournament and stalwart defenders of the South Pacific Championship Shield.

The usual six games over 3 days, Friday 21 to Sunday 23 January.  Players who complete all six games (including byes) qualify for prizes.

Armies: Players choose an army of 400 AP from any listed in the three WRG army list books.  Players may submit up to two lists but each must be the same date and location with the same or no ally.  To avoid any misunderstanding or an embarrassing penalty please submit lists to no later than Sunday January 15, 2023   All figures must be historically depicted, suitably painted and correctly based.


Terrain: All tables are pre-set and based or themed on historical battles.  Defending armies that find they have no compulsory or home terrain on a pre-set battlefield may, at the organisers’ discretion, request one FE of compulsory or home terrain added to the table or replace an existing terrain piece.


Note that Difficult Going (DGo) will not be placed within the 300p centre of the battlefield [see also Rules a) below].


Rules: WRG DBR v2 with internationally accepted amendments and guidelines, except:

  1. most enclosed fields (E) will be treated as Rough Going (RGo), and
  2. if time and weather rules are agreed by BOTH players the earliest battles can start is Dawn.


Special Tournament Rules in addition to the standard rule book include:

  1. Split of Shot (Sh) into Musket (Msk) [cost as per Sh classification] and Arquebus (Arq) [where listed most classified (O) @ 5 AP except Spanish/Russian Streltsy (S) @ 7 AP and Ottoman Janissaries (F) @ 5 AP]. (detailed Amended Army Lists available on request)
  2. Distributed baggage – costed by command but loss only affects army break point. Non-allied baggage may be deployed together in any command’s deployment area and if mobile moved by C-in-C’s PIP, but allied baggage must be deployed within the Allied Command rectangle.
  • Victory and Defeat points are 0 – 20 (10 as per the rules + 10 based on % of casualties).

Details of Tournament Rules and other instructions and guidelines, including photos of the battlefield tables, will be emailed to players after registration closes and included with the Players’ Guide issued on day 1.  Please contact Phil for information or clarification on tournament rules.

Our chief sponsors are Eureka Miniatures.

Contacts:  Phil Clark 0407704265, (email preferred).


Please direct all non-tournament enquiries to the CANCON organisers.


25mm Horse & Musket

25mm Horse & Musket AWRG rules.

All armies are from to be from the period 1790 to 1815


Olympian Games

Broadside 1 Day Friendly

1 day friendly.

600 point fleets.

Learn to play friendly.

Japanese fleet prizes.


A Song of Ice and Fire Tournament

32 players, 7 rounds total,
day 1: 4 rounds true Swiss,
day 2: top 8 seeded bracket + others play redemption rounds /causal play for those that wish to continue (still structured and following round times etc.)
1 hour 45 minutes round, starting the first game at 8.50. two rounds before lunch and two after. Day 2 the same but only one round after lunch.