Cancon T-shirts and Polos

The Great Cancon T-shirt Slogan Competition has been decided and the shirts are being printed.

Cancon Polo Shirt

Cancon T-shirt (Male sizes)

Cancon T-shirt (Female sizes, Terracotta was not an option, sorry.)


The “Slogan” suggested was not actually words, but just two twenty sided dice (D20s)

Congratulations to Christ (Goatface) Burg

Thanks to everyone else.

The poster competition is still going.


T-shirts can be ordered through the normal Tournament ticketing link. (Scroll down to the bottom of the ticketing page.)


(* It was supposed to be $30.00 as our supplier prices increased this year,  but I mucked up the price list and had them set at $25.00. This has been fixed now, for the remaining stock..)

Some shirts may be available on the day.

Get in early, as they tend to sell out fast.

They will be $5.00 more on the day.


Submitted Slogan Ideas:

         Name                                   Slogan