Wintercon 2020


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Wintercon News

Due to the Covid-19 impacts, we have made the decision to cancel Wintercon 2020.

We are still planning to run Cancon 2021 though, and Wintercon 2021.


Stay safe, wash hands, wash miniatures, stay home.






What is Wintercon?

Wintercon is a 2 day event, held in the depths of Winter in July. We normally hold it in the Fitzroy pavilion (Where the second hand stall is at Cancon.). Wintercon is a smaller event, but with most of the same features as Cancon. We have Tournaments, Trade stands, Participation games and the Games Library. Events tend to finish around 5:30 -6:00pm, mostly due to the cold outside (The heaters are rather good though.)

Any questions, contact us at