Cancon 2019

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We are all booked up for Regular Trader space (Again)

Have a look at the trader guide. for a bit of light reading, in case there is a cancellation.

Artist’s Alley

Spaces for the Artist’s Alley are still available. See Artist Alley for details. (They have their own page now)

If you have questions, contact me via email on  


Logos and Links

Store logos and URLs are being updated as trade stands send them to me.  



These are the line maps showing where each trader and game is located. (The DRAFT key is below the maps)

They will be coloured in for the Cancon 2019 pamphlet, which will be available at each hall’s “Yellow Shirt Command Desks”.


Budawang Pavilion

Coorong Pavilion

Fitzroy Pavilion

Link Building



Trader Key

Location     Traders

Games Key

      Location                 Game                                                                                                   Days


(Green areas are booked as at 11-01-2019)  

Some slots have been removed to make way for some more event space.

A List of stands will be finalised shortly.

Cancon Area Map