Cancon 2019


If you want to run a Tournament at Cancon 2019, please download and read the event submission guide, then fill in theĀ  Event submission form.

Events will be decided on by the 16th of September, with tickets available from the 18th of September.

Late events will be considered on a case by case basis, and added when approved.


Each event will be listed below (Example text is included.)

What the game is called

Game System
What game system it is (And latest version)
Tournament Organiser
Your name (This is an email link)
Prize Pool

These details give players an idea of what you are planning to run.

Let us know what you are doing, including any special rules etc.

Provide links to any player packs.

Event Duration
X Days
Sat Xam-Xpm
Sun Xam-Xpm
Mon Xam-Xpm

Can I enter on the day if there is space, terrain and chairs?


We need to know who your sponsors are.

Your sponsors also like to be promoted here.

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